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Are you doing the basics for your skin?

People think it's just about beauty, but it is so much more than that! Your skin is your largest organ and very important to good health. Your skin will tell you if there is something wrong. Have you ever noticed your skin feeling super sensitive to touch? If so, it's telling you that it's fighting off something bad.

Your skin is super important with several crucial functions. It keeps out toxins that invade your body to tear down your normal cells and is the key to your body's heating and cooling system. The middle layer of the skin, or dermis, stores most of the body's water. Your skin is super important and you should be keeping it in TIP TOP shape!

Your face, neck and decollate are good places to start. Once you get the hang of basic care, perform a similar regimen on your whole body. However, as we age, our facial muscles decline and our skin loses elastin and collagen. You can work your body, but it's tougher to keep your facial skin healthy and rejuvenated. Here's the basic info. If you need a lesson, come in and ask for a demonstration and take home a regimen put together for your specific skin.

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