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Does Your Teen Have Acne? - Cut Out The Milk!

If your teen is constantly breaking out, there could be several factors. First, the teen must take a shower EVERY day, if not more. If he or she plays sports, then a shower is a must in the morning and after sports - that includes washing the hair with a gentle cleanser. Our bodies produce sweat which carries bacteria. Bacteria causes acne. Secondly, some teens use OTC products that dry out skin with chemicals - Proactive is one of the harshest. Speak to your dermatologist or skin care therapist (me), to find the right products for him or her. Many of those OTC counter products dry out the skin, making it produce more oil! Your skin needs a balance.

Additionally, teens with acne must keep a record of what they're eating. Too much sugar, chocolate, or fried foods can definitely contribute to unhealthy skin. Your skin is telling you that something is wrong. A very common culprit is Milk. If all else fails, try taking a break from milk and dairy altogether for a month. The following article tells you all about the theory behind milk causing or promoting teen acne.

In all cases, make an appointment here with Julie for a good cleansing and bacteria-killing treatment, get on the right skin care regimen and eat well. You will be on your way to much healthier skin!

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