Collagen Induction Therapy/ Micro needling Treatment - A Clinical Treatment -45 mins+

45 Mins - Proteins in the skin provide strength and elasticity. This keeps our skin looking firm and healthy. These proteins that give us this "bounce" are called Collagen and Elastin. As we age, we have a decrease in the production of these proteins. With this decrease, the skin becomes fragile and allows the formation of fine lines and wrinkles to begin. This sterile Micro-needling treatment is about controlled injury which triggers fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin, resulting in plumping, younger-looking skin. Recommended every six weeks for optimum results until maintenance. This procedure is far more economical, healthy and longer-lasting than Botox or fillers.  The healing period is about 24 hours. You may have a little redness which feels like a sunburn. This treatment can only be performed by a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist trained in this procedure. Included aftercare treatment to take home. 

A treatment can reduce:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Scars
• Pore size
• Hyperpigmentation

$225 Book three for $600 and save $75.00





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