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The Facts on Acne!

January 11, 2019

Oil is Great for ALL Skin Types? WHAT???


As reported by Lauren of Naked Truth Beauty, "fatty acids are basic building blocks of all oils (including sebum - the naturally occurring oil of our skin), and linoleic and oleic acids are two important ones to consider when talking about skincare. 


Studies have found that individuals with acne-prone skin generally have lower levels of linoleic versus oleic acid in their sebum, and that topical application of linoleic acids can help to manage acne. As a result, oils with higher percentages of linoleic acid are excellent options for those battling acne."


So that means all of you teens and beauties out there with mild or simply annoying acne.....stop drying it out with benzoyl peroxide and other over the counter products that burn or dry the heck out of your skin! You should simply be keeping it clean by c