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Renew Your Skin

Relax Your Body

Revive Your Spirit

Julie, a licensed, sole practitioner, offers a wide range of therapeutic and clinical services designed to improve your skin, relax, pamper, and rejuvenate your well-being. Choose treatments from this menu or allow Julie to customize them. She is happy to work with you to create an individual package that best suits your needs. 

Popular Services

Improve Your Skin, Body and Spirit

The Series of Six Peels
Advanced Targeted Skincare by Julie

Six, 30-minute treatments focused on addressing pigmentation, texture, and overall skin brightening through the use of progressive exfoliation enzymes and peels. The first appointment will include a consultation and photo documentation, treatment outline, home care suggestions, and a 30-minute treatment consisting of a deep cleanse, enzyme peel, neutralizing process, and sunscreen application.


Each session is scheduled for 1-2 weeks apart. Home care is a requirement of the series.  

Glycolic Retexturing Peel 30 minutes  (series required)

Lactic/BHA Brightening Peel 30 minutes  (series recommended)

TCA Full Peel 30 minutes (series required)

Jessners Full Peel 30 minutes (series required)

See The Series of Six page here for more description and the discount.

Body Treatments