The "Face Reality" Acne Program

The Face Reality Skin Care™ program really works to control acne!

Developed by Laura Cooksey founder of Face Reality Acne Clinic. This research-based program was developed by Dr. James Fulton Jr., MD, PHD., renowned acne expert. Dr. Fulton founded Retin-A and Benzyl Peroxide.

Julie and Nicole are the only Face Reality Certified Acne Specialists in the Berkshires!

This is a program for those who have tried everything but haven't succeeded. You are ready for a change!

  1. Acne consultation only                   ($50.00  45-60 minutes)

  2. Acne treatment and consultation  ($85.00 + products  90 minutes)

  3. Follow-up acne treatments             ($45.00  30-45 minutes) 


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