A young adult's new best friend! Only at Julie's Pure Bliss!

New Skin Care Line - just for young adults!

We deliver world class, affordable skin care just for the teen market. Unlike competitor products, our custom, FDA-approved formulas deliver nutrients to the unique physiology of teenage skin, including its cell structure. Teenceuticals products allow you to build and maintain your natural, healthy skin—skin that is less susceptible to sun damage, acne, and other messy, uncomfortable, annoying skin issues you can face as a teen.

Make your skin healthy and save the earth at the same time in a way that Captain Planet would approve! Our custom, 3-step skin protection process comes in a fun and environmentally friendly kit: (Teenceuticals)

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Julie's PURE RESULTS products will be offered with free shipping! I will either ship it to you by mail or If you are near, I can drop it off at your house. Another option is that you can pick up your





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