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What's a Signature Facial?

The Royal Treatment Signature Lifting Facial at Julie's is all about results. Experience an award-winning facial for its dramatic enhancement of tone and texture. An advanced stimualting peel is coupled with layers of skin-tightening masks followed by a firm facial massage getting the circulation in tip-top condition, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The Epicuren line of skincare within this treatment utilizes proteins and B vitamins that activate vital energy necessary for cellular function. B vitamins are essential for skin function. They help in maintaining skin barrier integrity, regulating oil production, and promoting overall skin health. Niaminicide, for example, can help reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and uneven skintone. Epicuran centers on these vitamins.

In addition to her own skincare line, Julie carries The Six-Step Skincare Set by Epicuran - for skin that is conditioned to take on advanced skincare.

Check out the products in Julie's shop or online. Follow the link in her online shop for more Epicuran products!

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